Events List

Id Title On Action
2023-01-16 Commencing the 2nd batch for Certificate course on 'Logistics and Process Safety Engineering (LPSE) for the Officials of Adani Group' from January 16, 2023 16 January 2023 Details
2022-11-11 Week-76 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Crash Frequency Prediction Models 11 November 2022 Details
2022-11-04 Week-75 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Strategies for Identifying and Monitoring Fatigue in the Workplace 04 November 2022 Details
2022-10-28 Week-74 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Electrical safety - The way we take it 28 October 2022 Details
2022-10-21 Week-73 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Disaster Management Challenges in chemical industry 21 October 2022 Details
2022-10-14 Week-72 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Quality of incident investigation is art and science 14 October 2022 Details
2022-09-30 Week-70 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Process Safety Management in a Petroleum Refinery 30 September 2022 Details
2022-09-23 Week-69 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Safety at work - A production man's view 23 September 2022 Details
2022-09-16 Week-68 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Importance of human performance in safety 16 September 2022 Details
2022-09-09 Week-67 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Planning and designing safety in mechanized mining systems 09 September 2022 Details
2022-09-02 Week-66 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Safety Leadership Development Centre- An Innovative approach for improving risk perception of the workforce at Tata Steel 02 September 2022 Details
2022-08-26 Week-65 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Risk-informed fire protection solutions 26 August 2022 Details
2022-08-19 Week-64 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Electrical Safety and Fire due to Short circuit 19 August 2022 Details
2022-08-12 Week-63 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Powering Workplace Safety with Analytics 12 August 2022 Details
2022-08-01 Certificate course on 'Logistics and Process Safety Engineering (LPSE) for the Officials of Adani Group' 01 August 2022 Details
2022-06-24 Week-56 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Enhancing road safety- The safe system approach 24 June 2022 Details
2022-06-17 Week-55 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Electrical safety in Steel plants- Specific reference to Tata Steel Jamshedpur works 17 June 2022 Details
2022-06-10 Week-54 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Are big data taking industry towards 10 June 2022 Details
2022-06-03 Week-53 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Prevention of recurrence of serious incidents - An important focus for the organizations 03 June 2022 Details
2022-05-27 Week-52 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Quick.. Get me a fire engineer 27 May 2022 Details
2022-05-13 Week-50 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Making sense of safety culture- Identifying common themes and moving forward 13 May 2022 Details
2022-05-06 Week-49 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Advanced spatial count data models for accident analysis and their applications 06 May 2022 Details
2022-04-29 Week-48 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Structural health monitoring 29 April 2022 Details
2022-04-22 Week-47 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Defenseless moments 22 April 2022 Details
2022-04-15 Week-46 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Risk-conscious operations management 15 April 2022 Details
2022-04-08 Week-45 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Overview of accidents in Japanese Shinkansen and future risk-management of high-speed railway safety in India 08 April 2022 Details
2022-04-01 Week-44 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Safety design for production equipment 01 April 2022 Details
2022-03-25 Week-43 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Anticipating and avoiding pedestrian crashes - Lessons from Texas and broader US 25 March 2022 Details
2022-03-18 Week-42 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Applications of data analytics and virtual reality for accident causation and prevention 18 March 2022 Details
2022-03-11 Week-41 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Safety Science Research - Evolution, Challenges and New Directions 11 March 2022 Details
2022-03-04 Week-40 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Safety from conceptual stage in construction - An overview 04 March 2022 Details
2022-02-25 Week-39 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Improving safety using data analytics and eye tracking - A case study in air traffic control operations 25 February 2022 Details
2022-02-18 Week-38 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Safety in underground coal mining 18 February 2022 Details
2022-02-11 Week-37 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Interface design and safety engineering- Applications in healthcare sector 11 February 2022 Details
2022-02-04 Week-36 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Safety management in fertilizer and petrochemical industry. 04 February 2022 Details
2022-01-28 Week-35 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Safety from conceptual stage in construction: An overview 28 January 2022 Details
2022-01-24 SWAYAM NPTEL Course on 24 January 2022 Details
2022-01-24 Join the SWAYAM NPTEL Course on 24 January 2022 Details
2022-01-21 Week-34 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Decision Analytics: Learning through systems archetypes 21 January 2022 Details
2022-01-14 Week-33 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Human factors in undersea warfare systems: Challenges and Current trends. 14 January 2022 Details
2022-01-07 Week-32 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) applications in Cybersecurity and Healthcare management. 07 January 2022 Details
2021-12-31 Week-31 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Process safety management systems for chemical industries. 31 December 2021 Details
2021-12-24 Week-30 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Recent trends in safety and sustainability of chemical process plants 24 December 2021 Details
2021-12-17 Week-29 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Success factors for establishing safety culture at new manufacturing units 17 December 2021 Details
2021-12-12 International Conference on Maintenance and Intelligent Asset Management (ICMIAM2021) 12 December 2021 Details
2021-12-10 Week-28 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Safety in Digitalized Process Systems 10 December 2021 Details
2021-12-06 Online Short Term Course on Prevention Through Design (PtD) and Redesign (PtR) 06 December 2021 Details
2021-12-03 Week-27 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Mining Safety Best Practices and Challenges – Case Studies from Tata Steel 03 December 2021 Details
2021-11-26 Week-26 Weekend Talk on SEMA: USING A SWISS CHEESE MODEL TO UNDERSTAND ELECTRICAL ACCIDENTS 26 November 2021 Details
2021-11-19 Week-25 Weekend Talk on SEMA: A 360 degree approach to Hand Safety. 19 November 2021 Details
2021-11-12 Week 24- Weekend Talk on SEMA: Utilizing bio-sensing towards industrial Safety applications 12 November 2021 Details
2021-11-05 Week 23 CoE-SEA Talk: Integrating Safety & Quality In Building Organisational Culture Using MOS Model 05 November 2021 Details
2021-10-29 Week 22 CoE-SEA Talk: Quantification and prediction of human errors in industry jobs – Issues, challenges and future directions 29 October 2021 Details
2021-10-22 Week 21 CoE-SEA Talk: Prevention Through Design - Total Safety Model 22 October 2021 Details
2021-10-15 Week 20 CoE-SEA Talk: The Confluence of Cognition, Deep Learning, and Safety Analytics 15 October 2021 Details
2021-10-08 Week-19 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Role of smart safety management in improving maintenance effectiveness at Tata Steel 08 October 2021 Details
2021-10-01 Week-18 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Evaluation of the impact of machine learning based decision support on coding accuracy and coder workflow in a real world injury surveillance system: A case study 01 October 2021 Details
2021-08-06 Week-10 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Safety Data Analysis for Injury Surveillance 06 August 2021 Details
2021-07-30 Week-9 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Wellness at Workplace including Covid-19 Challenges 30 July 2021 Details
2021-07-23 Week-8 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Operational Safety Economics - The Basics 23 July 2021 Details
2021-07-16 Week-7 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Safety Performance Indicators for Process Industries 16 July 2021 Details
2021-07-09 Week-6 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Virtual Reality and Accident Simulation 09 July 2021 Details
2021-07-02 Week-5 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Risk Analysis of Cascading Events in Chemical and Energy Systems 02 July 2021 Details
2021-06-25 Week-4 Weekend Talk on SEMA: Analytics Based Integrated Safety Management Systems 25 June 2021 Details