Outreach Programs

Consultancy Services

Center offers consultancy sevices in the following areas:
  • Safety engineering and analytics
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Engineering ergonomics
  • Sense of wellbeing at workplace
Training programs
Long/ Short term training Online/ Offline
  • Micro Hazard Mapping & Management (MHMM)
  • Safety Connect and Safety Reconnect (SC&SR)
  • Supportive Safety Organization(SSO)
  • Positive Energy Isolation and  other Safety Standards (PEI&S)
  • Positive Incident Investigation (PII)
  • Hazop for All Disciplines (HAD)
  • Managing Contractor Safety (MCS)
  • Safety Commitment and Values (SCV)
  • Mechanical Integrity (MI)
  • Training and Development (T&D)
  • Line management Responsibility and Accountability (LRA)
  • Safety Performance Indicators (SFI)
  • Management Of Change (MOC)
  • Systematic Safety Communication (SSC)
  • Emergency Preparedness & Post Incident Management (EP&PIM)
  • Prestart up Safety  Review and Corrections (PSSRC)
  • Reward, Recognition and Consequence Management (RRCM)
  • Safety Analytics for Prediction and Prescription (SAPP)
  • Integrating Safety into (Short & Long Term ) Business Plan (ISBP)
  • Alignment to Industry 4.0

Upcoming STC/webinar series

"International webinar program on Prevention through Design (PtD) and Redesign (PtR)": Date to be announced

  • Program-1: Prevention through Design (PtD) and Redesign (PtR)
    WT1-1: Addressing Safety Issues using Prevention Through Design (PtD)
    WT1-2: Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
    WT1-3: Micro Hazard Mapping and Bow-tie Management
    WT1-4: Quantitative Risk Management
    WT1-5: Safety and Energy Control - Positive Energy Isolation
    WT1-6: Work System Design and Safety
  • Program-2: Integrated Vibrant Safety Management System
    WT2-1: Integrated Vibrant Safety Management Systems
    WT2-2: Occupational Health and Safety Acts
    WT2-3: Contractor Safety Management
    WT2-4: Safety Observations, Audits and Investigations
    WT2-5: Developing and use of Safety Standards
    WT2-6: Safety Leadership & Sustainable Safety Management
  • Program-3: Human Factors, Industrial Ergonomics and Job Stress
    WT3-1: Occupational Health and Wellness at Work
    WT3-2: Human Factors, Ergonomics & Safety
    WT3-3: Job Stress and its Management
    WT3-4: Human Error Assessment and Management
    WT3-5: Behaviour-based Safety Management
    WT3-6: Cognitive Ergonomics and Human Sensing Technologies
  • Program-4: Industry 4.0 and Safety Analytics
    WT4-1: Industry 4.0 and Safety Considerations
    WT4-2: Smart Safety
    WT4-3: Leading and Lagging Indicators & Economics of safety
    WT4-4: Safety Analytics
    WT4-5: Technology-enhanced Safety Training
    WT4-6: Safety of Cyber-physical Systems

International Conference

International Conference on Maintenance and Intelligent Asset Management

This conference is organized jointly by the School of Engineering, Information Technology and Physical Sciences, Federation University Australia, Centre of Excellence in Safety Engineering and Analytics, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, Asset Management Council, Australia, and Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India. This is a great opportunity to interact and learn with the industry leaders, academic experts and professional body leaders in the domains of maintenance, reliability, digital asset management, safety engineering, smart grid, IoT , risk management, etc.

With your expertise in the areas of safety / security / risk management / human factors engineering, and related analytics, we are inviting you to submit an abstract in the above mentioned topics by July 23, 2021. Upon selection of your abstract, you may submit a full length article for showcasing in the conference proceedings.

For more details: https://federation.edu.au/schools/school-of-engineering-information-technology-and-physical-sciences/research/conferences/international-conference-on-maintenance-and-intelligent-asset-management-icmiam2021