Safety Analytics

Are you interested to extract information and insights for safety related decsions? Are you interested to know your past safety performance like what happened, and how & why did it happen? Or do you need to know what is happening now, and what is the best action? Or are you looking for future safety performance as what will happen, and what is the best/worst that can happen? Then, rely on Safety Analytics.

Safety analytics is a system of methodologies, models, techniques and technologies, specifically designed for creation and analysis of safety data and development of data driven decisions and safety interventions so as to achieve zero incidents across organizations in general and workplaces in particular. It amalgamates the principles and theories of safety science, engineering and management with the approaches and techniques of data science, and industry 4.0 technologies. The safety data serves as the pivotal element and can be broadly categorized as, proactive and reactive; structured and unstructured; video and reports; sensory or IT enabled. Safety analytics covers the descriptive, predictive and prescriptive domains of data analytics, and focuses on developing decision support system (DSS) for data driven integrated safety management.